Understanding your needs and providing a solution

At ToTal Property Services, we make it our business to understand what you need and make sure we can provide a solution. As such, we offer a wide variety of specialist services including building wash downs, waste auditing and analysis, upholstery cleaning, carpet and floor cleaning, window cleaning, and pest control. We also offer a variety of consumable supplies that we deliver directly to you. 

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Building Wash-downs

First impressions count! The team at ToTal can carry out building wash-downs using environmentally friendly degreasers and detergents on single story dwellings as well as multi-storey business blocks. We ensure the first impression is the best impression.


Waste Auditing and Analysis

At ToTal Property Services, we’ve developed a waste auditing and analysis service that provides you with key information about your waste management performance. We assist you in analysing your data so that you can improve your performance both environmentally and financially.

Upholstery Cleaning

The team at ToTal employs their own qualified upholstery cleaners who can carry out the cleaning of office chairs, couches and other soft furnishings to New Zealand industrial standards.

Carpet and Floor Cleaning

The team at ToTal Property Services can protect your carpet and vinyl floors by creating a cleaning and maintenance programme to the New Zealand Industrial Standards, customised to your requirements, getting the best life out of your investment.

Window Cleaning

Alongside our ToTal Property Services commercial cleaning team, we are able to provide both internal and external window cleaning services. Whether you want a one off or would like a regular service plan, you can count on us to deliver what you need.

Pest Control

At ToTal, we are able to recommend and implement pest control solutions that suit your requirements. From spiders and flies to full infestations, we utilise reputable experts who work with us on a regular basis.

Consumable Supplies

At ToTal, we take away the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers. We provide a variety of washroom and hygiene supplies and deliver them to you on a regular basis. Never get caught short again.

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