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At Total we specialise in Commercial Cleaning, Building, and Grounds Maintenance. We help with both Reactive and Planned Preventative Maintenance work for numerous commercial and corporate clients in the Canterbury region and throughout the South Island.

We have a dedicated on-call manager available 24/7 for all our clients and with our accurate and robust systems we are able to customize our services and deliver a solution that will exceed your expectations. The managing and monitoring of all our work is handled by our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which tracks all requests, be it by phone, email or online.


ToTal Property Services Canterbury started trading in Christchurch in 1996 as Canterbury Cleaning Services, before becoming part of the ToTal Property Services Group in 2000. Since then we have rapidly grown to employ 180 employees and to provide services to a wide range of clients in the commercial, retail, educational, building and private sectors.

With our combined resources and over 20 years’ experience in the Canterbury region, we are able to offer both our existing and prospective clients cost effective, efficient and proactive all-round cleaning and building services. At Total Canterbury we pride ourselves on offering high quality services across a range of areas. From general cleaning to building an extension, Total Canterbury has you totally covered.

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Health & Safety

At Total we believe that it is our job to keep people safe, whether they are your employees, your customers or your visitors. In order to do this we maintain an in-depth Health and Safety programme, for which we have achieved the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) Tertiary level accreditation standard (AS/NZS4801:2001). We have also completed the SiteWise – contractor prequalification health & safety systems audit, and were assessed as compliant with a pass rate of 95%, for our SiteWise Green status.

We have a dedicated Health and Safety Manager as well as a designated Health and Safety representative, on who all employees can call on with any issues or queries.  In addition, we have a Health and Safety committee consisting of key employees who meet regularly on site with all our teams to discuss both Health and Safety and company updates.

We run an in-house Test and Tag system, through which we test all electrical cleaning equipment on a six monthly basis to ensure they are in safe working order. In addition to this, we test all our maintenance equipment every three months, as required by law. We also utilise a tag-out system, in which any faulty equipment is tagged as dangerous and returned to Head Office for either repair or disposal.  All these measures ensure no one else uses this equipment.

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Environmental Sustainability

At Total we are very aware of the responsibilities we have to not only our employees and our clients, but to the community. Total are committed to environmentally sound business practices in all aspects of our work and we have had no environmental incidents over the past 10 years. We go to great lengths to recycle packaging wherever possible, from reusing cartons for the supply of products to our sites, to the regular reuse of bottles and containers. We are committed to becoming a sustainable and environmentally friendly company, as well as assisting our client’s to meet their own sustainability goals.

Total supports minimizing chemical impact on the environment by ensuring dilution control, product rationalization, and the appropriate selection of effective products. In paper products we only source products made from sustainable virgin pulp, as the process and chemicals used in the recycling of paper in our view are more harmful to the environment.

Total has, with some of its major clients, entered into a specialist recycling programme, where various recyclable products are separated at source, collected and delivered to specialist recycling facilities.

In 2013, Total Canterbury commenced ‘Waste Auditing’ for some of our major clients. The reported data from these waste audits allows clients to manage initiatives and policies to improve their environmental performance.

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Quality Assurance Programme

Total Canterbury is committed to the principals of Total Quality Management (TQM).  Our proactive service is a combination of a standards and culture approach.  It is essential in a task-based environment that prescriptive standards are set and employees are aware of the various levels pertaining to acceptable performance.

Checklists are recorded to ensure daily duties are completed and all customers are visited each month, or as required, from which a QA Report is completed.  This is entered on their customer file, which allows us to track trends and establish a benchmark.

Our management team is committed to a vision of service excellence and a culture of quality.  We empower our front-line employees to take responsibility for their own actions.  Management approaches this in a supportive manner and provides positive recognition that they are contributing to the achievement of the company and its goals.

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Employee Training and Career Development

As our biggest assets are our employees; we ensure complete training is given so they are able to perform to the best of their ability and successfully meet our company standards. Our employees are given site specific training for every site they clean and maintain, as well as completing site specific inductions.

We also have a range of leadership training on offer, including the National Certificate in Cleaning and Caretaking (Level 2). We employ our own ITO accredited industry assessor, who is responsible for training our employees in the unit standards for the National Certificate.

Total Canterbury have made a commitment to all their employees to work towards their Certificate in Cleaning and Caretaking Level 2. Supervisors and Team Leaders who have completed this certification will then be put through Cleaning and Caretaking Level 3. These certifications give our employees a set of skills, which can be utilised not only at Total Canterbury, but for any future employment opportunities.

In addition, our more specialised employees, who carry out hard floor care, carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning are regularly upskilling and attending workshop classes. This ensures they are using up to the minute technology and have the skill set to carry out their tasks to a high level in accordance with the Industry Standard.

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